Mark Hudspeth - Inspirational Speaker

About Mark

Mark served in the Tennessee Air National Guard for 26 years.  As a communications specialist, he installed and repaired computers, telephone systems, radio and television.  Near the end of his career his family opened a daycare in Blount County.  The facility was dedicated to God and used as a ministry to the families.  While offering the best care at the lowest prices, they have quickly grown to be the largest in the area.
In 2009, Mark began purchasing housing to offer low income rentals in the community.  The success has allowed for expansion and now has provided homes to over 24 families.

After retirement from the government, giving back to the community became a focus.  Mark volunteered for Habit for Humanity, Food Pantry, Meals on Wheels as well as serving on the board for local charities.  Helping others has been a goal for the Hudspeth family for decades.

With the success of the business, new goals were set to explore the United States.  In 2017, a goal to run a marathon in all 50 states was set.
This goal was completed in 2018 and to celebrate, Mark took on the challenge of the Ironman.  During the journey he met dozens of incredible people who taught him the mind is more powerful than the body.  With encouragement from family and friends, Mark began setting new goals with even larger challenges.  Marathons were completed on all 7 continents and expanded to 10 countries.  Some of the achievements include hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro days before the Kilimanjaro marathon.  
This challenge was made possible by a group of friends made at many Mainly Marathon events.

The challenges of running the sand dunes of Australia, the ice of Antartica, the winds in Puerta Arenas and the altitude of Flagstaff Arizona demonstrate the ability of the mind to overcome any obstacle.  Over 200 races in all types of weather and terrain have been completed over the last 20 years.  The highlight of the running career would have to be the Knoxville Marathon.  As one of 13 remaining streakers, it has been a fun family event since 2005.  

All of the success is accredited to a Vision given to him by God in 2004.  While Mark did not understand the meaning behind God's words of prophesy, he was open to learning.  With many years of prayer of learning to listen to God's voice, a new man was formed.  The journey has been full of pain and hardships, however, God provided strength and many helpers along the way.  Family and Friends have provided much needed assistance with the business's allowing Mark to travel around the world.  Often, family and friends travel with Mark to help with the logistics and offer moral support.  The accomplishments are never earned alone.  

In 2023, With the help of the Mainly Marathon community, a film company was created to produce an inspirational documentary.  The goal is to share stories of how a community of people can come together to achieve incredible challenges. Many lives have already been changed by the small running community.  Things once unimaginable have now become routine.  We all have super human strength when we learn to control our minds.  Limitations are overcome after realizing we set them ourselves.  Nothing is impossible.